Nacht am See
~~~~~ NACHT AM SEE ~~~~~
Am I just another Lie

I got no roots they're not set in stone
I got no place that I call home
I'm just a low low lonely soul
(Amy McDonald - No Roots)


"Heaven above me
I see so many stars
Like the faces I see
fading into a loveless crowd
looking inside me
and realize

I'm just like a side ripped out its book
dreamless, reaching nothing

who will I be
without a place
I can call home
without myself
without a soul

 listen at all the storyies, all the lies
making me sick
sick of my self
my own failure
now I sitting here

Recalling my life
cann't see at the reflection of myself.

somewhere theres a light
promise me ending all these thoughts
whipsering voices----

7.4.10 23:19

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